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What we do

Fashion for Scandinavia

HolmeTex distributes, develops and creates fashion and casualwear, sold through a strong network in Scandinavia. HolmeTex is one of the leading Fashion Distributors, when it comes to launching “A” brands, who wants to acquire market shares in Scandinavia. It is our mission to help our customers increase their sales, and also boost visitor circulation in their stores, online or on the floor, by offering and generating attractive brands and products.

Where we are


With our expertise and many years of knowledge on the Scandinavian market, together with a strong team, HolmeTex has the opportunity to present our brands in the best possible way. Although that the Scandinavian market seems to be very similar, it is still a complex region, with many differences, currencies and style preferences. Our strength is that we have local people with specific market knowledge who recognize these differences and tailor our offer, making it market specific and culturally relevant.

When we sell

It’s only about numbers

Customer service is the key to a professional relationship with customers. Our team puts their best effort into making the communication as professional, helpful and of highest quality possible. A close collaboration with our customers is important to maintaining high sales numbers.

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What we sell

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