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Italian Fila is more than 100 years old. That makes them one of the oldest sports producers on the market. The brand was founded in the northern part of Italy back in 1911. The company’s main focus was initially on underwear, but as the success grew, they expanded their range of fine sportswear. They have been doing this since the 1970s. Today Fila is gaining more and more market shares every day, turning them into a big sportswear competitor.


Tom Tailor

"Life is a game, play it, be confident, dress in style." - TOM TAILOR

A globally active fashion and lifestyle company under the TOM TAILOR label has become the fashion empire from Hamburg, which has been selling its great collections worldwide since 1962. The fashion world of TOM TAILOR has always appealed to fashion-conscious customers who are all about individuality, self-confidence and activity. These so-called urban players are impressed with authentic and confident looks. The individual collections are defined on one hand by recreational, sporty and natural components, all of which are equipped with the characteristics of style and modernity. On the other hand, the brand relies on contemporary styles with a clear and unambiguous statement. Selected fabrics and high quality fabrics create an elegant and stylish fashion for the whole family.



The Italian company Diadora has achieved what many sporting goods manufacturers want: success in various branches of sport! Whether Diadora’s high-quality running or men’s cycling shoes, iconic sports bags or practical fitness equipment, Diadora can serve anything. Durability, comfort and lightness are the three main characteristics that make up the brand’s cycling shoes. Diadora shoes also have another advantage. They have been made since 1948 and have always maintained their tradition and quality. Even then, Diadora was in a leading position in mountain boots and ski boots. Also in the world of football you are well known with Diadora shoes. However, not only to be well-equipped on the feet, there are also specially developed sports underwear for him and her..



With more than 100 years of changeable company history, the fashion designers remain faithful to the legendary brand and combine tradition with modernity without being overworked. The popular English sportswear brand transformed the global player into a lifestyle brand without forgetting its roots. His current assortment continues to expand. Gola bags with label print, backpacks in cool designs, and trendy hoodies and trendy sweaters. The designers manage to consolidate their place in the fashion world in an impressive way with authentic streetstyle collections. Once convinced, through the brand athletes and footballers, they inspire the English Streetstylers and Urban heroes.


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